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The Condenser - Product Spotlight: The AFD-20 Series Control Damper

In this Condenser article, we dive into the MCDLG catalog to examine the AFD-20 series, our most popular control dampers. Keep your system efficient with a control damper built for air performance. 

Air needs to move through an HVAC system: from the intake at the start, across ducts and junctions, to the rooms that need it. An efficient system provides the necessary airflow while drawing the least amount of power. Efficient designs save money and energy over time, especially in HVAC. Efficient HVAC systems contribute towards the Green Building Initiative and can even earn LEEDS credits for your project. Start your designs with control dampers built for air performance.

Control dampers direct airflow through the system. These dampers rotate their blades to open or close off the opening. An efficient control damper allows air through its open blades with little resistance. Dampers should also tightly close when the flow stops, so that air does not leak through. These two aspects ensure air flows efficiently to where it is needed.

Don’t settle on dampers that drag your system down. Consider a control damper built for air performance. MCDLG offers the AFD-20 series control damper. The AFD-20 series is a versatile damper equipped with airfoil blades. Their aerodynamic profile allows air to pass over the blade with minimal resistance. Silicone rubber blade seals ensure a tight closure with minimal leakage. Don’t settle on excessive pressure drop or leakage. Maximize air performance and system efficiency with MCDLG.

Build an efficient HVAC system from the ground up. Choose control dampers built for air performance. Consider MCDLG products to your next project.


The AFD20 series control dampers are designed for air performance

Highlights of the AFD-20 Series

  • Available with parallel or opposed blade configuration. Read more about blade orientation on the Newsstand.
  • Automate your damper with a pneumatic or electric actuator. Electric actuators can be tied to a central control unit for full system automation.
    • For easy-access dampers, add a manual actuator to the damper and save some money.
  • Variations on construction are available under the following model numbers:
    • The AFDTI-25 series with insulated airfoil blades
    • The AFDTI-25-I series with insulated blades and frame
    • The AFDTI-25LT series with insulated blades and thermal break frame

The AFD-20 is available with parallel or opposed blade orientation

Model numbers listed by Brand

Arrow United: AFD-20, AFDTI-25 & AFDTI-25I, AFDTI-25LT

Air Balance: AC525-AC526*, TB-58 & TB58I, TB59

Cesco Products: AAA/AAB*, ITAB & ITABI, ITAF

Louvers & Dampers: A28/A29*, T28B & T28BI, T29B

*Model number is split between parallel and opposed blade orientation. Check the product submittal for details.


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