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Innovations in HVAC - Smart Systems

In Innovations in HVAC, we look at the technological advances occurring in the HVAC industry. This article covers how smart tech makes efficient systems.

You have likely asked these questions before. Will the conference room be cool enough for today's meeting? Did anyone leave the lights on after hours? Are we wasting power on cooling empty rooms? Gone are the days of second guessing. Smart technology answers these questions and provides some peace of mind. Best of all, smart tech can conserve power and save money over time.

Smart devices monitor various aspects of the building and report directly to the building manager. Modern building projects call for state-of-the-art tech that is smart and energy efficient. These smart devices are connected to each other, and to the building’s central computers, through wireless connections. From the central computer, managers have a comprehensive view of their building. 

The Internet of Things connects smart components together to create a comfortable environment for occupants.

The network that connects these devices is known as the Internet of Things, or IoT. Everything, from the lights in your office to your HVAC system, can be linked together through the IoT. With smart sensors in place, engineers and technicians can easily diagnose issues with the system and quickly address them. They can also use the information from these sensors to perform preventative maintenance as needed.

With smart thermostats, HVAC systems can efficiently heat and cool to the right temperatures. Do you have smart tech in your building? Tell us about it in the comment section!

Here are just a few advancements in smart HVAC:

  • Sensors – Monitor rooms with specialized sensors. Sensor units can connect to a centralized computer network, to give owners the a complete view of their building.
    • Smart sensors can monitor temperatures across multiple rooms in your building, providing a comprehensive look at the building's climate.
    • Sensors can also monitor energy consumption and cooling cycles. With this, building managers can make informed decisions with their HVAC system.
    • They can also record errors with equipment and alert technicians to the early warning signs of a potential failure.
    • Motion sensors can monitor when rooms are in use. No more leaving the lights on if the room is unoccupied!
  • Smart Thermostats – Wi-fi enabled thermostat units are capable of precision temperature control, remote access, and learning algorithms. Smart thermostats can develop a plan for efficient air conditioning.
    • Gain precision control over room temperatures. Users can set the thermostat to a specific temperature.
    • Voice control and app control are possible with smart thermostats. Adjust the room temperature from your phone or by asking an AI-assistant. Prepare an meeting room before entering the room.
    • Smart thermostats can learn from heating and cooling patterns and develop automated profiles. These profiles can automatically adjust the thermostat to the best temperature, throughout the day.
    • When tied to a motion sensor, the thermostat will only cool or heat a room when it is occupied. Save energy with smart tech!
    • Automated smart profiles and precision control provide the right temperature quickly and efficiently.
  • Control Dampers with Electric Actuators – A simple addition with possibilities! Control dampers can be tied to a central HVAC network through their electric actuators.
    • Worry-free ventilation across your HVAC system with truly automated dampers. Each damper can send and receive signals from a central computer to open or close as needed.
    • Adaptable to changing conditions. Smart dampers direct air to where it is needed, based on data from the central network.
    • Sensors will monitor each damper and report any issues to the central network. Technicians can quickly diagnose issues and repair dampers across the entire HVAC system.

Smart tech adds peace of mind for building owners and engineers. All connected devices will run when they are needed, and save power, making your HVAC system more efficient. Modern buildings need modern solutions. Building owners want smart tech in their building. They want advanced systems that use power wisely.

Managing a building’s many systems can be a difficult task. Smart tech can assist in managing each system and provide detailed alerts when a system fails. Owners save time and money, and contribute to green initiatives, with the help of smart technologies.

Smart HVAC is more efficient: heat and cool only the rooms in use, and to the right temperature every time.

The question on many minds: is it worth it? Can’t an owner just schedule cooling around the workday, instead of spending extra money on smart thermostats? Smart tech requires additional support for setting up and maintaining the network. Administrators will also need to take steps to secure the network from potential intrusions. Despite its initial cost, many owners are installing smart thermostats for their HVAC systems.

What do you think? Is it worth the extra effort to achieve efficiency? Have you added smart tech to a project? Do you work in a smart building? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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