The Condenser - Equipment Screens for Rooftops

The Condenser - Equipment Screens for Rooftops

Conceal rooftop HVAC units and maintain your building's aesthetic with equipment screens. You have options when it comes to style!

For many commercial projects, HVAC units are installed on the roof of the building. Flat roofs can provide plenty of space for each unit without obstructing the landscape below. This is great for freeing up space on the ground floor, but it may also create an issue with aesthetics on your roof. You will have large equipment that is visible from below, which could clash with the building’s style. This is where equipment screens come into play.

Equipment screens are lightweight louver assemblies that form a perimeter around HVAC units and other bulky equipment. These screens are designed with inverted blades that block sightlines from below the assembly. The screen blades are spaced close together so that they overlap over the screen’s free area. When installed, the screen will act as a visual barrier between the rooftop equipment and any passersby. Viewers will see a nice louvered wall instead of a bulky HVAC unit.

An equipment screen hides an HVAC unit

Wind load will be the primary consideration for equipment screens. Equipment screens are freestanding assemblies, typically installed on top of your building. These assemblies utilize vertical blade supports to hold the screen blades in place. Wind loads will be greater along the roof of the building than on the ground. Your screens will need added support to stay upright, and you may need extra support for greater wind loads. Manufacturer can help determine the necessary support.

Options for equipment screens include different corner types, adding hinged access, and applying custom finishes. The right finish can make the screen stand out or help it blend in with surrounding features. High-grade powder finishes provide lasting color that is resistant to chalking and marring. There are two options for screen corners: miter-welded corners and post-capped corners. Miter welds join the edges of each blade into a continuous corner, while post corners connect the blades together with a metal cap. For hinged access, manufacturers add hinges and a frame to one section of screen, creating a door that allows for easy access to the equipment behind the screen.

An equipment screen is assembled on site.


Equipment screens provide coverage and help maintain your building’s aesthetic. Keep your project’s style and hide bulky HVAC equipment with these lightweight louver assemblies!

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