The Condenser - Chevron Blades for Severe Weather

The Condenser - Chevron Blades for Severe Weather

Chevron blades guard against wind driven rain and have a minimal effect on air performance. Learn how these unique blades work with this Condenser read.

Chevron blades get their name from their shape: an inverted “V” that resembles a peak. Chevrons are often used on badges to signify rank. For louvers, chevron blade profiles strike an excellent balance between weather protection and air performance. Most chevron blades have a rounded center point that creates a wavy profile. This design gives the chevron blade an advantage over traditional blade styles.


Air passing over chevron blades
Chevron blades allow air to flow across the profile with minimal air resistance.

The wave shape of the chevron blade lends itself to air performance. Airflow can easily pass over the profile as it moves through the louver. These blades provide excellent air performance, but they excel at protecting against rainfall.

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The forward incline of the blade provides a barrier against incoming rainwater. Air can easily travel up the slope and across the peak, but rainwater will need more speed to make the same trip. Water will stay trapped on the slope, eventually sliding down the incline and out of the louver’s face. The chevron design is effective at rejecting water, but it's not waterproof. Rain fall can still infiltrate the louver with enough speed.

Drainable chevron blades will feature drain catches that capture water as it passes over the blade. These features prevent water from entering the ductwork beyond. They can also have drain troughs along the face of the blade. The troughs collect water and funnel it to hidden channels in the jambs, which direct the water out of the louver through the sill. These features provide an additional layer of protection by stopping rainfall before it can infiltrate the louver.

Chevron blade rejecting rain water

Rain will need more speed to make the trip up the incline of the blade. Drain catches provide an additional barrier for rain.

Chevron blades provide excellent protection with a minimal impact on air performance. That is why many severe weather louvers utilize chevron blades in their design. These versatile blades can prevent heavy rain from passing into your HVAC system without sacrificing airflow. Consider chevron blades for your next severe weather louver.

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