The Condenser - Glazing Frames for Louvers

The Condenser - Glazing Frames for Louvers

Louvers can go anywhere. They can even be installed in a window with the right accessory. In this Condenser, we look at glazing adapters and how they work.

Louvers in Your Windows?

Louvers are mounted inside of walls to protect openings from rainfall and other harmful debris. However, with the right options, you can install a louver anywhere on your building. You can even install louvers in between glass panels. Use a glazing frame to create ventilation points in your window systems.

A louver installed in a window

Install louvers between louver panels to aid with passive ventilation.


Glazing Frames for Glass Installations

A glazing frame, or glazing adapter, is a specialized attachment fastened to the louver's frame. Glazing frames allow a louver to be installed in a window or curtain wall system. The glazing adapter is fastened to the louver’s frame towards the face side of the louver, though it can be installed at any point along the frame. By installing it on along the face side, the louver will be flush with the window system.

Detail of a glazing frame adapter

Note the slot of the adapter highlighted in the image. This slot will slot into the window or curtainwall system.

The adapter will have a slot that runs along its length. This slot is meant to fit inside the sill of the window or curtainwall system. The louver is fastened to the opening along these slots. Installers will need to take great care in fastening the frame inside the window system, to ensure it remains secure in the opening.

Remember that louvers are designed to accept airflow. They need adequate support to remain secure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing louvers. Once in place, the louver will appear as part of the system. This can provide an aesthetically pleasing option.


Limitations of Glazing Frames

There are limitations to glazing frames. As a rule, louvers can only receive a glazing frame if they are made from a light metal like extruded aluminum. Heavier louvers, like galvanized steel louvers, will require additional support that a glazing frame cannot provide.

Glazing frames are available for louvers that are between two and six inches wide. This can include severe weather louvers. Certain louvers may not have the option available, even if they do match these criteria. Be sure to check the louver’s submittal to see if they can receive a glazing frame.

A glazing frame between two panes of glass

This louver has glazing adapters along the head and sill. You may also choose to have adapters on the jambs of the louver.

Add that louvered look to your building or provide natural ventilation points to a window system. You have options when it comes to louvers.

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