The Condenser - Water Infiltration and Louvers

In this Condenser, we look at the dangers of water infiltration through your louvers. How much...

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Hurricane Louvers and Severe Duty Protection

Hurricane louvers protect your buildings from the most severe weather events. Louvers must be...

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The Condenser - A Closer Look at Straight Blades

Straight blades are the standard for louver blades. In this Condenser, we take a closer look at...

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Damper Showdown - Round Dampers vs. Transition Collars

Which works better for a spiral duct: a round damper or a square damper with a transition collar?...

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The Condenser - A Closer Look at Insulated Blades

Heat transfer can throw off a balanced system. When temperature control is key, consider dampers...

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Specifications for Louvers

Specifications list everything that goes into a building project, including the individual...

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The Condenser - A Closer Look at Baffle Blades

What is a baffle blade? What sets it apart from other louver blades? Learn the difference with this...

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Understanding Your Dampers - Important Factors for Damper Installation

Selecting the right dampers for your HVAC system can be difficult. Here are four factors to help...

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The Condenser - Hand Quadrants and Cranks

There are many kinds of actuation available, but hand power will always be the cheapest. Learn...

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Drainable Louvers for Rainy Days

Drainable blades capture water before it can infiltrate the louver. Drainable features give that...

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