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The Condenser - Product Spotlight: The AFD-20 Series Control Damper

In this Condenser article, we dive into the MCDLG catalog to examine the AFD-20 series, our most...

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Newsstand in the News - Unprecedented Heatwave Shatters Record Highs

A heatwave has broken records across the Pacific Northwest, as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit in...

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National HVAC Tech Day and the Hardworking Technician

June 22nd is National HVAC Tech Day. In this article, we discuss why HVAC technicians are...

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Air Performance and Control Dampers

In this article, we review AMCA's test standards for measuring pressure drop for control...

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Balanced Flow - On Static and Dynamic Pressure

In this article, we discuss how tipping the balance between static and dynamic pressure leads to...

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The Condenser - Louver Screens and Uninvited Guests

Are critters making home in your HVAC system? They may be coming through the louvers. Learn how...

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Important Terms for Louvers and Dampers

In this article, we review important terms for selecting louvers and dampers. We will go over...

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The Condenser - Mullions, Dividing Lines

In this Condenser, we discuss the vertical lines created by mullions and how you can hide them....

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Louvers by the Numbers

In this article, we review the important numbers to consider when choosing a louver for air...

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The Condenser - Flange Frames for Seamless Design

A flange frame can create a seamless look along the face of a building. But how does it work?...

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