Life Safety in HVAC - What is a Fire Damper?

What is a fire damper? A fire damper is a damper that closes off penetrations in fire-rated...

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The Condenser - A Closer Look at Remote Test Boxes

Remote test boxes allow easy testing of dampers with electric actuators. Keep your dampers in...

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Duct Dampers - Choosing, Sizing, and Installing for Duct Work

Duct dampers keep air moving through your HVAC system. Learn how to choose, size, and install them...

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The Condenser - Temperature Limits for HVAC Dampers

Dampers operate safely within a temperature range, known as the temperature limit. Too hot, or too...

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HVAC Damper Control - Automation Equipment for Dampers

Take control of your HVAC system with automated control dampers. Learn how the right equipment can...

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The Condenser - Blade Design for Dampers

Blade design is important for air control dampers. Learn three blade features to consider when...

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Pressure Drop in HVAC

HVAC systems need to keep air moving, but the required equipment comes at an unexpected cost. Read...

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The Condenser - A Closer Look at Curtain Blades

Curtain blades are designed to close off a damper during a fire event. Take a closer look at these...

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Louvers and Privacy: Creating Private Spaces with Louvered Screens

Block sight lines and establish a secluded area with louvers and screens. Learn more about these...

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The Condenser - Vertical Blade Supports

How do you get that louvered look without a frame? Vertical blade supports. Learn more about these...

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We build every louver and damper from the ground up to meet your specifications. Our team works to ensure that you get the best solutions for your project's requirements.

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