The Condenser - Product Spotlight: The 517-518 Series

Product Spotlight - The 517-518 Series

Efficient airflow is important in HVAC. The 517-518 series control dampers are built for air performance. Learn more in this product spotlight. 

Control Dampers and Efficient Air Flow

Control dampers regulate airflow and direct air to where it’s needed. Efficiency is key in HVAC. It is important to keep air moving through your system while using the least amount of power. You need control dampers that can pass air through without dragging down your system. Otherwise, you will be wasting energy to get the required amount of air through the system. In HVAC, we call it pressure drop. The cost of excessive pressure drop can add up over time and put unnecessary strain on your equipment, which only adds more to the price tag.

The 517-518 Series Damper

Airfoil blades are a good option for maximizing air efficiency. They have flat and aerodynamic design that resembles the wing of an airplane. This design works well for handling airflow. Air passes over the blade profile with minimal drag. This feature makes the airfoil blade an excellent choice for air performance.

The 517-518 Series Airfoil Blade Control Damper

MCDLG offers control dampers with airfoil blades for maintaining efficient airflow. Our 517-518 series dampers are built with airfoil blades and specialized extendible blade shafts. Extend the axle to the right length and then lock it in place by tightening the locking screw. No more field modifications to get the damper to fit. Each blade has vinyl blade seals for a tight closure with minimal leakage. Keep efficient airflow with a tight-closing control damper. The 517-518 series dampers are AMCA rated for air performance and air leakage.

The 517-518 Series Damper with AMCA Seal

Here is a quick summary of the 517-518 series dampers:

  • Airfoil blades with vinyl blade seals for maximizing air efficiency and minimizing leakage.
  • Extendable blade shafts for quick adjustments and easier installation in the field.
  • AMCA rated for Air Performance and Air Leakage.
  • Available with parallel or opposed blade action*.
  • Options include stainless-steel construction, security bars, flange frames, and more.

*Model numbers will be separated between parallel blade and opposed blade action.

Efficient airflow is key when it comes to your HVAC system. Choose dampers built for airflow. Browse our selection of control dampers today with Product Pro. Find what you’re looking for faster.

For the 517-518 series, search for the following model numbers in Product Pro.

Arrow United Industries: 517 (Parallel) / 518 (Opposed)

Air Balance: AC517 (Parallel) / AC518 (Opposed)

Cesco Products: C517 (Parallel) / C518 (Opposed)

Louvers & Dampers: L517 (Parallel) / L518 (Opposed)


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